About the Domain
For many years,Front 242 was my favorite band. Their pulsing, tech-driven & tech-derived music inspired & motivated me through my mid-to-late late teens and even to this day. Until 2003, Off was Front 242's last studio album. When signing up for Internet service in the fall of 1993, I needed to come up with a screen name as my first choice was already in use. Off was atop my monitor, in plain view, and "242" was added to make up the extra characters necessary for the screen name.

On the drive home from a Front 242 concert in 1998, I decided to establish my own domain as a means of developing & honing development skills, as well as showcasing to remote friends & family the goings on in my life, as social media (as we know it) was non-existent. Out of sheer habit, and because it was nice keeping the same email address without relying on ISPs or others, I've held onto the domain and toy with its content as time permits. Most recently, I have begun expirmenting more with CSS, resulting in this redesign. If you're curious, this is what it used to look like.